Magnifique appartement a… 5 rooms - 3.000.000 ₪

City, Ashdod

SOLD 4 rooms - 1.450.000 ₪

Gimel, Ashdod

Appartement 4 pieces a Ashdod… 4 rooms - 1.250.000 ₪

Bet, Ashdod

SOLD 3 rooms - 1.500.000 ₪

Youd bet, Ashdod

Netivot le nouvel Eldorado !! 4 rooms - 1.040.000 ₪

Kiryat Menahem, Netivot


Our Team

  • Tivour Building, know everything about our business to get to the point.
    We cultivate our expertise in sales and rentals of real estate Ashdod being on the field for many years. Because we know that our best advertising is you.

    Savoir faire
  • Tivour Building, the only agency that sells its own new programs.
    During all these years, Tivour Building has established a close cooperation with leading manufacturers of Ashdod. These special relationships allow us to offer to our clients an exclusive projects the best possible conditions ...

  • Tivour Building, we have to evaluate your property. Because in no case was well estimated distance Tivour Building a counselor will come to you and make a comparative market analysis. This unique tool allows evaluation to determine your selling price strictly on the basis of compelling elements: local market prices observed every day in our office ...

  • Tivour Building the power to publish your good everywhere. To sell or rent your property as quickly as possible, we implement all means: free visits, heart strokes on the internet showcase interactive agency, tours videos 360 degree photo tours, exhibitions property ... ask your advisor, you will be amazed ...

  • Tivour Building, to your credit we can help you. We have negotiated the best financing solutions for your project. Our goal is to obtain a mortgage in the best possible conditions, without you having to move through the process.


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